Capturing Data Value in Organizations

March 10, 2023
CIRES HQ and Zoom

Please join us for CIRES HDR, Daisy Xu’s, PhD confirmation milestone seminar.

Title: Capturing Data Value in Organizations

Abstract: Organizations today face significant challenges in realizing the value from their data assets. Despite the vast amount of data available to them, much of them remain unutilized. This is due to the difficulty in identifying the full potential of data and effectively utilizing them. As a result, organizations miss out on opportunities to drive growth and improve operations. In this study, we develop an important hypothesis: linking the business context to data assets will increase data accessibility and therefore generate higher returns from data. We aim to test this hypothesis in practice through a design science approach. This will be accomplished by developing an improved data asset management system that catalogs data with a set of business and organizational features, enabling wider and easier access to data in organizations.