Industry Panel: Perspectives of Information Resilience

October 29, 2021
via Zoom webinar

The Zoom recording of the panel is now available from this link.


Join us Friday 29th October at 4pm AEST for our Industry Panel webinar via Zoom.

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There is a growing interest in industry and government on mitigating the drain on productivity due to poor data quality and data access issues and improving trust in analytical results from unexplainable data pipelines. These challenges cut across technical (e.g. data curation at scale), social (e.g. dealing with data bias) and business (e.g. value creation from data) issues.

In collaboration with the 25th International Conference on Enterprise Computing EDOC2021, CIRES presents a panel discussion on perspectives and conflicting priorities of Information Resilience, which we define as the “capacity of organizations to create, protect and sustain agile data pipelines, capable of detecting and responding to failures and risks across the information value chain in which the data is sourced, shared, transformed, analysed and consumed.”

Each panel member will present their position statement to shed light on the challenges and highlight recent advances in the field. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.


The panel includes three experts on three different perspectives.

Rachel Thomas, and QUT – Data perspective

Guido Governatori, Data61 – Computational perspective

Paul Henman, The University of Queensland – Social perspective