PhD Scholarship – Queensland Department of Education

PhD Scholarship at UQ with the Queensland Department of Education

On-demand Dataset Builder

Full details and how to apply

Applications close 16th May 2023.

This project will develop a prototype system to showcase the scalability, reliability, and usability of an AI-assisted dataset builder for effective and efficient discovery and curation of multi-source and multi-modal educational data. Working in close collaboration with domain experts and end users from the Queensland Department of Education, the project team will review and investigate best practices for constructing on-demand data sets and the concept of “data as a service”. The project will also develop new methods for AI-assisted on-demand dataset builder and will evaluate with a human-centred lens. The research will result in validated methods and a prototype implementation of the system, road-tested with end users.

The advisory team for this project is Associate Professor Hassan Khosravi (Principal Advisor), Associate Professor Wojtek TomaszewskiProfessor Shazia Sadiq (Associate Advisors), and Dr Angela Ferguson (Queensland Department of Education).

For this position, CIRES is seeking a candidate with a good background in data science, data analytics, or machine learning; and proficiency in python programming language and machine learning software packages such as Pytorch. Track record of publishing high-quality conference or journal paper and experience working with and ingesting structured and unstructured date from multiple sources are desirable.

About the scholarship 

  • An ARC Stipend Scholarship, tax exempt and indexed annually, $36,161 per annum and top-up scholarship from $5,000 per annum, for 3.5 years, as well as a minimum $5,000 per annum in project support funds  

  • For international students, you will also receive a UQ Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship

  • The opportunity to work at one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions, The University of Queensland 

  • Real-world experience as you undertake a one-year (equivalent) placement with the industry partner or government partner 

  • The opportunity to be part of the ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience (CIRES) under the leadership of renowned computer scientist Professor Shazia Sadiq