Curating Systems of Engagement

About the Project

This project tackles the critical issue of how information from an organisation’s public systems of engagement can be captured, developed  and leveraged as information assets of value and will contribute to methodologies for improving enterprise information and knowledge management. Working with partner Astral Consulting, the research will investigate how organisations can leverage human & AI/ML approaches to curate and incorporate the uncontrolled data accumulating in an organisations systems of engagement into its formal systems of record. A system of record is the legal, auditable system that tracks records while a system of engagement is where end-users carry out their tasks, such as collaborate on and complete business processes.

This research will investigate how AI/ML can meet the demand of utilising the information within systems of engagement, including the full range of communication and collaboration technologies in use but currently outside of existing organisational control.



About the Candidate

PhD candidates should have a background in Information Systems, or Enterprise Information Management with a computing science or similar technology background preferred, but not essential.  A strong interest in technology and the business value of advanced data analytics, AI and machine learning is an advantage.  Previous experience in business analysis, enterprise architecture and/or working with metadata, taxonomies and Information Architecture is beneficial, but not essential.

project researchers
A/Prof Amir Aryani
Dr Paul Scifleet (Principal Advisor)
Ms Marie Felsbourg (Astral Consulting)
partner investigator
Astral Consulting