A.Prof Paula Lister

  • Partner Investigator
  • Queensland Health

A/Prof Paula Lister is the Director of Paediatric Critical Care Unit at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. As a Senior Paediatric Intensivist and clinical researcher, A/Prof Lister has experience and expertise in running international multi-centre clinical trials and studies in critically ill children, particularly involving severe infection and sepsis. International trials include RESOLVE, Hyp-HIT, TRIPICU, CHIP, CATCH, Cool-NEC, USII, as well as national trials in the UK and Australia associated with UK PICS-SG (Paediatric Intensive Care Society Study Group), ANZIC PSG (Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Paediatric Study Group), and the PCCRG (Paediatric Critical Care Research Group). She serves as World Health Organisation rapporteur for the clinical management of severe viral infections, is Chair of Paediatric Sepsis Advisory Network of the Australian Sepsis Network, and co-Chair of the globally recognized Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program.

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