Theme 4

Trusted data partnerships

To improve data literacy and trust in data linking in the wider community towards reducing barriers in data sharing and flow of knowledge.


A.Prof Amir Aryani

Chief Investigator

About the Theme

This theme aims to address challenges related to developing methodologies and tools for data pipelines across organisational and technological boundaries through efficient, understandable, controllable and auditable large-scale data sharing, specifically:

Data sharing
What are the required data sharing standards, frameworks, methodologies and tools for fast and easy-to-use data integration, provenance tracking, data exploration and data risk assessment?

Entity linking
How to ensure scalable multimodal entity linking algorithms knowledge based data integration in open environments with progressive approaches?

Data access
How to ensure data access methods support digital fingerprints based on well-defined security and privacy protocols?

Risk assessment
How to build easy-to-use and efficient data testbeds to facilitate scenario-based policy-aware data sharing risk management, and data-level and workflow-level provenance tracking with visualisation support?

This research theme is led by Associate Professor Amir Aryani from Swinburne University of Technology. It aims to develop new technologies and tools that enable secure and trusted sharing of data between organisations. Research leaders and partners in CIRES are working towards developing new data-sharing platforms that incorporate relevant security features, as well as new data governance frameworks that can help to ensure that data is used appropriately and in compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, projects contributing to this theme explore human factors that can influence trust in data partnerships, such as the role of organisational culture and the importance of effective communication between partners. The outcomes of this theme will be utilised to advocate and influence effective data sharing and data reuse policies and regulations.