Theme 1

Responsible use of data assets

To create and support capacity for responsible management of data assets through principled approaches to data governance, access and sharing.


A.Prof Hassan Khosravi

Chief Investigator

About the Theme

This theme aims to address challenges related to:

Data collection
What happens if it is unconsented?

Use of data
For example how can agencies get social licence to use data to serve communities, or what are the added responsibilities for highly sensitive data?

Production of socially useful data products
What are the strategies, tools and techniques available for the public sector to provide comfort to their communities? And,

What affordances data literacy training can provide for diverse multilevel organizational structures?

This research theme is led by Associate Professor Hassan Khosravi from The University of Queensland. Research leaders and partners connected to this theme are examining ways to leverage data asset benefits while minimizing potential risks and harms. This includes areas such as data access, privacy, security, data ownership, control, transparency, consent, non-maleficence, beneficence, and anonymity. Following on from these areas, we are working to prepare the next generation of data leaders with a comprehensive understanding of ethical principles related to data management, for example in February 2023 the Centre hosted a workshop on “Building Social Licence for AI and Data for Public Good Projects” facilitated by Professor Rhema Vaithianathan. While Theme 1 will directly contribute to advancing theoretical knowledge by exploring empirical perspectives on responsible data usage via the social license lens, learnings from this theme will continue to play a central role in all projects in the centre, through specific training and knowledge sharing activities in the centre’s overall program.