Catherine Sai

  • Visiting PhD Researcher
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany [TUM]

Catherine Sai visited the Centre from January to March 2023 hosted by Prof Shazia Sadiq and A/Prof Gianluca Demartini. Her research project investigated a semi-automated multi-step approach to asses whether or not a given regulatory document is correctly implemented in a company. Catherine is a PhD candidate in at the , supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Rinderle-Ma.

Catherine’s visit was part of a collaboration between TUM and UQ in the area of information retrieval from regulatory documents which will be highly beneficial to advance the automation of regulatory compliance assessments. UQ & TUM plan a new network to promote the exchange of ideas, best practice, and other research goals for the field of Natural Language Processing/ Information Retrieval in the Process Mining context.

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