Daisy Xu

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Daisy Xu joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in February 2022 and is based at The University of Queensland. Daisy is a UQ MBA alumna and graduated in 2003, with multiple years of experience working with global consulting firms. Daisy started her professional career in market research and business consulting, and then extended her interest into management consulting. Recently, Daisy has been focusing on organisational studies, helping organisations to improve productivity through workforce analytics and planning.

Daisy’s PhD project “Defining and Measuring Analytics Value” is a collaboration with industry partner Aginic and supervised by Professor Marta Indulska, Dr Ida Asadi Someh, and Emma Freya (Aginic).

Daisy is inspired by the Centre’s vision that we aim to drive industry growth and competitiveness by linking research and practice, and she is looking forward to her journey with CIRES.

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