Dr Javad Pool

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • The University of Queensland

Javad Pool joined the Centre as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in June 2023 and is based at The University of Queensland. He completed his PhD in Business Information Systems at UQ Business School, where he focused on data privacy, and effective use of information systems, particularly in the digital health context.

His research involved using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and he has conducted studies in a variety of organizational and technological contexts, including healthcare, artificial intelligence, digital health, and social media. He developed multiple inductive and theory-driven models, which contributed to the literature on the effective use of information systems and health informatics research.

Javad is enthusiastic about collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders, from multidisciplinary researchers to industry and government partners, to advance research on information resilience and data protection practices. His research aims to understand and address socio-technical challenges in information systems, including data governance, privacy, trust, data breaches, misinformation, effective use of data, and data protection.

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