Fidan Karimova

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Fidan Karimova joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in October 2023 and is based at University of Queensland. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University of Strasbourg, and later pursued a Master’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at University of Strasbourg. She was also a research assistant at eiLink R&D Centre, in Azerbaijan.

Fidan’s PhD project “Data as a Service Architecture” is a collaboration with government partner Queensland Police Service (QPS) and is supervised by Dr Rocky Chen, Dr Wen Hua, Professor Shazia Sadiq, A. Prof Hongzhi Yin and Partner Investigator Mr Nick Moss (QPS). This project aims to enhance law enforcement operations by developing an innovative data discovery system.

Fidan is excited to collaborate with colleagues in the Centre and government partner to explore innovative solutions, harnessing data for the betterment of society.

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