Hechuan Wen

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Hechuan Wen joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in April 2022 and is based at The University of Queensland. He ​has a B.Eng. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (NUAA) and obtained his Master’s in Business Analytics from University of Sydney (USYD) with a dissertation working on causal structure learning.

His research interests ​lie in innovating machine learning algorithms in causal inference under a potential outcome framework, and in learning Pearl’s structural causal model theory.

His PhD project “Using Data to Overcome Wellbeing Challenges Across the Life Spectrum” is a collaboration with government partner Health & Wellbeing Queensland and supervised by Dr Rocky Chen, with Associate Professor Hongzhi Yin, Professor Andrew Burton-Jones, Professor Shazia Sadiq, and partner investigator Dr Li Kheng Chai from Health & Wellbeing Queensland.

Hechuan is looking forward to making real-world impact by combining big data and AI to support decision making for policy maker in the healthcare sector.

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