Hongliang Ni

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Hongliang Ni joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in April 2023 and is based at The University of Queensland (UQ). She completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) at UQ. She was a research assistant in Peking University, and has completed internships with technology companies such as TikTok and Tencent. Her growing research interests include human-in-the-loop methods and graph neural networks, and she continues to be inspired by the talented and passionate researchers she has worked with.

Hongliang’s PhD project “Bias Mitigation in Human in the Loop Decision Systems” is a collaboration with government partner Queensland Police Service (QPS) and aims to develop a smart decision-making system with transparency and fairness. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Gianluca Demartini, Professor Shazia Sadiq and Partner Investigator Mr Nick Moss (QPS), Hongliang  is excited to start her academic research and explore the transparent and interpretable solutions that can be applied to human-in-the-loop tasks in real-world settings.

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