Krishna Dermawan

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Krishna Dermawan joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in February 2022 and is based at The University of Queensland. Krishna’s contribution to research and pedagogy extends from his undergraduate days in UNSW where he received his First Class Honours and a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Tutoring. In parallel to his teaching, Krishna gained professional experience working as a data-analyst in finance, tourism, and e-commerce. His previous professional role was as head of analytics for the Indonesian technology company, Tokopedia.

Krishna’s PhD project “Improving Sepsis Management through Better Data and Rapid Learning” is a collaboration with government partner Queensland Health and is supervised by Professor Marta Indulska, Dr Ida Asadi Someh, Professor Andrew Burton-Jones, and Dr Adam Irwin (Queensland Health). He is excited by both the application of university learning and research to enable industry work, and the application of industry-skills and knowledge to further academic research. He is looking forward to collaborating with colleagues in UQ, CIRES and Queensland Health to improve patient outcomes.

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