Samual MacDonald

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Samual MacDonald joined the Centre as its first PhD Researcher in October 2021. He completed his Master of Data Science at UQ and has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from James Cook University. He has four years of data science experience working at various schools within The University of Queensland, CSIRO, Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences, and Max Kelsen. Samual is interested in communicating AI’s inherent risks with concepts from uncertainty and causality. Samual’s PhD project “Advancing Deep Neural Network Reliability During Dataset Shift” is supervised by Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani and Dr Quan Nguyen.

Samual is excited by the diverse range of topics, partners, and ways of thinking that CIRES hosts and believes this diversity provides a unique opportunity to (collaboratively) make valuable discoveries for real-world applications.

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