Zirui (Alice) Tan

  • PhD Researcher
  • The University of Queensland

Zirui Tan joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in October 2023 and is based at the University of Queensland. She holds a double degree in Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) from the Australian National University. Her developing research interests include data pricing and machine learning. She is consistently motivated by Centre’s objective to advance resilient data-driven solutions and foster industry growth through research.

Her PhD project “Value Measurement of Data Products” is a collaboration with industry partner Allianz World Partners (AWP). The project is supervised by Dr. Rocky Chen, Professor. Shazia Sadiq, Dr. Wen Hua and Partner Investigator Mr. Shane Downey (AWP) with the focus on maximising data-driven value creation and capture. Zirui is excited to work closely with her talented CIRES and AWP colleagues to create a rigorous evaluation framework for data products. This initiative seeks to benefit the broader data science community and offer valuable insights into real-world industry practices.

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