Customer Data Stories

About the Project

This project will investigate how the availability of collective and personalized data summaries impacts end-users and customers, and what behavioural changes are enacted as a result. Improving customer decision making is an under-studied area. In collaboration with global insurance company, Allianz Worldwide Partners Australia, this research will explore the use of data stories as an approach to improve customer engagement and decision making. A crowd-sourced approach will be utilised, and further in-the-wild studies will be conducted to validate and improve the method with the help of Allianz customer networks that span international health and life, travel, and automotive insurance.

AWP Australia is a world leader in insurance and assistance, offering global solutions that span health and life, travel, and automotive. Customer driven, AWP Australia’s innovative experts redefine insurance services by delivering future-ready, high-tech high-touch products and solutions that go beyond traditional insurance.  As a data-driven company, they utilise sound data management and practices backed by scientific research to effectively apply identified improvements. As a result, they are constantly uncovering ways of continuously improving data management and, in particular, goals surrounding smart automation and strong governance around automated decision making. Another key goal is to develop greater insights and frameworks based on understanding how data can be assessed, valued, and applied including perceptions and expectations of the consumers of insurance products. AWP Australia and CIRES have co-designed the collaborative projects as way to further these goals. 

About the Team

The project commenced in January 2023 with the recruitment of PhD Researcher Elyas Meguellati, who is based at The University of Queensland. Elyas is working to improve data curation through a crowd-sourced approach. This project will require data analysis in a data-sparse environment focusing on personalised marketing, with the proposed model and research tasks able to be adapted and applied to other human-in-the-loop tasks.

The project is one of two CIRES projects with AWP Australia related to organisational and transformational aspects of data, algorithms, and AI. The second project “Value Measurement of Data Products” will commence in 2023. 

project researchers
A/Prof Gianluca Demartini (Principal Advisor)
Prof Shazia Sadiq
Mr Elyas Meguellati (PhD Researcher)
Mr Shane Downey (AWP Australia)
partner investigator