theme 5

Agility in value creation from data

This theme aims to address challenges related to:

Quantifying data value
How to quantify the value of data, monetize solutions, and measure return on investment?

Increasing value creation and capture
What are the appropriate organizational structures and support mechanisms to maximise data driven value creation and capture?

Current research indicates that organisations expect a wide range of benefits from their data and analytic initiatives, including increased revenue growth, efficiency and productivity, and strategic planning yet, these expectations are often met with challenges, both technical and organisational. Through empirical studies, including case study and survey research, combined with design research, this theme will develop new approaches for valuing data assets, new knowledge of critical success factors in data driven value creation, and guidance on developing appropriate organizational mechanisms to enhance value from data, and how data driven insights are embedded into business process improvement. Outcomes will allow practitioners and researchers to develop skills in identifying appropriate business models to monetize data, embedding analytics results in organizational operations, and facilitating effective data-driven transformation in organisations.

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