Developing Analytics-Driven Organisations

About the Project

Amidst the digitization wave, digital business leaders are investing in new data lake platforms, teaching their employees advanced data science skills, re-engineering business processes to run with analytics, and encouraging data-informed experimentation and risk taking. These activities infuse contemporary data analytics knowledge and skills across organizations, leading to the pervasive use of data and more efficient and/or more effective decisions, and ultimately to the development of data-driven organizations.

A lack of data-driven progress, in part, is rooted in knowledge integration challenges. Traditional forms of organizing encourage domain boundaries, which create deep specializations but also inhibit the combination and integration of firm knowledge. Domain boundaries pose challenges specific to the assimilation of analytics technologies that can engender new and different data-driven ways of working. This research takes a holistic approach to study patterns of interaction between analytics and business groups, which ultimately leads to integration of their knowledge and development of an effective and efficient data-driven organization.

In collaboration with the highly successful Brisbane-based analytics startup, Aginic, this project will seek to answer: How can data-driven organizations effectively integrate the specialized knowledge of analytics and business groups, diffuse it across the organization and use it pervasively for value creation?


About the Team

This project commenced in April 2023 with the recruitment of PhD Researcher Jorge Retamales who is based at The University of Queensland. This project is focused on how data analytics can drive organisational transformation. In line with CIRES’s industry engagement objectives, the position is defined and co-funded in close collaboration with Aginic, an emerging leader in the field of analytics that employs agile and user-centric approaches to build their competitive solutions. 

Jorge will become part of Aginic’s multidisciplinary analytics teams, or squads, and will collaborate and participate in industry-led analytics projects, as part of the process of conducting engaged research. This project will develop a systematic and organized approach to data-driven transformations and will help Aginic and other companies progress data-driven transformation journeys. Jorge is supervised by CIRES Chief Investigator Dr Ida Asadi Someh, and Research Director and Chief Investigator Professor Marta Indulska (both from the UQ Business School) and Emma Freya, DesignOps Manager at Aginic.

This project is one of two CIRES projects with Aginic related to organisational and transformational aspects of data, algorithms, and AI. The first project, Defining and Measuring Analytics Value commenced in February 2022 and you can read more about the project and the team here.

project researchers
Dr Ida Asadi Someh (Principal Advisor)
Prof Marta Indulska
Ms Emma Freya (Aginic)
Mr Jorge Retamales (PhD Researcher)
partner investigator