Defining and Measuring Analytics Value

About the Project

Investments in data analytics technology are still growing strongly around the world. The 2019 SIM IT Trends and Issues study rated analytics technologies as the largest IT investment decision for companies for the last 10 years. While existing industry reports and preliminary information systems research highlight the strategic role of data in creating strategic value for organizations, much of the research in this area is anecdotal, without systematic understanding of value creation mechanisms and rigorous measurement approaches to gauge the value that can be solely attributed to data assets and capabilities.  

This project, in collaboration with the highly successful Brisbane-based analytics startup, Aginic, will examine the strategic processes and outcomes of data-driven value creation, and will answer two intertwined research questions: What are the mechanisms of data-driven value creation and capture in contemporary organizational contexts? And how can organizations capture and objectively measure analytics-driven value?

About the Team

This project commenced in February 2022 with the recruitment of PhD Researcher Daisy Xu who is based at The University of Queensland. Daisy will become part of Aginic’s multidisciplinary analytics teams, or squads, and will collaborate and participate in industry-led analytics projects, as part of the process of conducting engaged research. This project will develop a systematic methodology to define and measure the value of data and analytics for organisations. The methodology can provide Aginic and other firms investing in analytics with an evidence-based approach for ongoing value creation and measurement from data. Daisy is supervised by CIRES Research Director and Chief Investigator Professor Marta Indulska, Chief Investigator Dr Ida Asadi Someh (both from the UQ Business School) and Emma Freya, DesignOps Manager at Aginic.

This project is one of two CIRES projects with Aginic related to organisational and transformational aspects of data, algorithms, and AI. The second project, Developing Analytics-Driven Organisations, is due to commence in early 2023.

project researchers
Dr Ida Asadi Someh
Prof Marta Indulska (Principal Advisor)
Ms Emma Freya
Ms Daisy Xu (PhD Researcher)
partner investigator