Information Architecture and Forensic Data Analysis

About the Project

The focus of this specific PhD project is Information Architecture and Forensic Data Analysis. How can we improve information architectures to support more effective data discovery and the responsible sharing of data? What methodologies can best support the effective exchange of information inherent in enterprise information architecture?

Sharing trusted, mission-critical data between organisations is a significant business challenge. This PhD research project is a collaboration with industry partner Astral Consulting and will tackle that challenge by investigating how organisations can leverage human & AI/ML approaches to improve the forensic discovery and analysis of organisational data across multiple and complex information architectures. Expected benefits of this research include improved resilience through improved data curation and discovery with a focus beyond search, moving towards provenance, trust, custody, traceability and the governance of information.

About the Team

This project commenced in March 2022 with the recruitment of PhD researcher Lufan Zhang who is based at Swinburne University of Technology. Lufan will have the opportunity to work with the leading information management team at Astral, and collaborate and participate in industry-led projects, conducting engaged research and advancing information systems at the edge. The supervisory team is led by Chief Investigator Dr Paul Scifleet, Associate Professor Amir Aryani, and partner Investigator Marie Felsbourg from Astral Consulting. This research project will:

  • Provide new insights into modern Information Governance, Information Architecture and Information Management Strategy;

  • Develop methodologies for the design and sharing of Information Architectures to better support data discovery and responsible use;

  • Propose new software solutions for information search retrieval and exchange of structured and unstructured data based on information architectures; and

  • Participate in consultation, undertake interviews and develop use cases with Industry partner and key stakeholders.

This project is one of two CIRES projects with Astral. The second project, Curating Systems of Engagement, commenced in April 2023.

project researchers
A/Prof Amir Aryani
Dr Paul Scifleet (Principal Advisor)
Ms Lufan Zhang (PhD Researcher)
Ms Marie Felsbourg (Astral Consulting)
partner investigator
Astral Consulting