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Bias Mitigation in Human in the Loop Decision Systems

July 3, 2021

This project focuses on integrating fairness into learning algorithms used in the context of policing services and tasks and aims to observe if this leads to improved outcomes and experiences.

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Data as a Service Architecture

In this project, the aim is to develop a novel system for making efficient and effective queries and recommendations based on multi-source data from the Queensland Police Service.

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Community Attitude to Law Enforcement Data

This project, in collaboration with the Queensland Police Service aims to develop qualitative and participatory research methods that can be used by data-driven organizations to understand and better communicate the impact of using human data to customers, users, and the public.

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Expanding Data Sets to Allow Improved Critical Care for Children – Inpatient Risk Prediction

The significance of this project centres on the novel linkage-analysis and usage of novel transparent algorithmic development to open the black-box ML algorithms in the medical domain.

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Improving Sepsis Management through Better Data and Rapid Learning

This project focuses on addressing machine learning challenges and seeks to answer the following research question: How can organizations effective integrate and use machine learning models in practice?

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Expanding Data Sets to Allow Improved Critical Care for Children – Outpatient Risk Prediction

The objective of this project with partner, Queensland Health, is to develop a probabilistic based risk prediction system that identifies the future clinical abnormalities of an out-patient using recent and past values of multiple vital signs.

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Advancing Deep Neural Network Reliability During Dataset Shift

While Deep neural networks succeed in exploiting non-linear patterns in very large and high-dimensional datasets, they catastrophically fail without warning under dataset shift. This project, in collaboration with Max Kelsen P/L, will study various ways to resolve this pitfall.

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Using Data to Overcome Wellbeing Challenges Across the Life Spectrum

This research will build new data platforms, using obesity data as an exemplar, across the life course and linking it with clinical data from hospital care, as well as population health and community data.

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Human-Centred Data Literacy Curriculum for Complex Educational Organisations

This project focuses on articulation, co-creation and validation of a curriculum on data literacy for educators and school leaders.

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Curating Systems of Engagement

This project will investigate how organisations can leverage human & AI/ML to curate the relationship between systems of engagement and systems of record.

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