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Human-Centred Data Literacy Curriculum for Complex Educational Organisations

July 3, 2021

This project focuses on articulation, co-creation and validation of a curriculum on data literacy for educators and school leaders.

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Curating Systems of Engagement

This project will investigate how organisations can leverage human & AI/ML to curate the relationship between systems of engagement and systems of record.

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Defining and Measuring Analytics Value

April 27, 2021

This project, in collaboration with the highly successful Brisbane-based analytics startup, Aginic, will examine the strategic processes and outcomes of data-driven value creation, and will answer two intertwined research questions: What are the mechanisms of data-driven value creation and capture in contemporary organizational contexts? And how can organizations capture and objectively measure analytics-driven value?

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Developing Analytics-Driven Organisations

In collaboration with the highly successful Brisbane-based analytics startup, Aginic, this project will seek to answer: How can data-driven organizations effectively integrate the specialized knowledge of analytics and business groups, diffuse it across the organization and use it pervasively for value creation?

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Interpretable AI-Theory and Practice

This research will survey available interpretable methods in AI and communicate best practices in both lay and comprehensive terms and explore new theoretical landscapes to extend and innovate interpretable methods in AI, focusing on both uncertainty (aleatoric and epistemic), and causality.

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Customer Data Stories

April 23, 2021

This research will investigate how the availability of collective and personalized data summaries impacts end-users and customers, and what behavioural changes are enacted as a result.

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