Welcome to New CIRES CI, Dr Rocky Chen

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Rocky Tong Chen as a Chief Investigator with CIRES!

Rocky is a lecturer in Business Analytics with the Data Science group at The University of Queensland. His research interests include data mining, machine learning, recommender systems, and predictive analytics.

He joined CIRES as an Affiliate Investigator in 2021, and was the Chair of the Centre’s inaugural Information Resilience PhD School in 2022. His Centre PhD supervisions span CIRES partners Health and Wellbeing QueenslandAllianz Partners (Australia) and the Queensland Police Service.

Rocky is looking forward to developing cutting-edge data science solutions to real-world, large-scale problems. He is also committed to the research training and capacity building that will add skillful hands to new-generation industry applications.

Welcome to New CIRES CI, Associate Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Associate Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski as a Chief Investigator with CIRES!

Wojtek is the Deputy Director (Research) and a Research Group Leader at the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland. He joined the Centre as an Affiliate Investigator in 2022, and brings to CIRES specialist expertise in social sciences, including quantitative research methods and statistical analysis.

He has a strong research interest in the impact of disadvantage on educational and labour market outcomes in young people. He will be an Associate Advisor for the On-demand Dataset Builder https://lnkd.in/gf33trVD PhD project which is a collaboration with the Queensland Department of Education.

As a CI with the Centre, Wojtek is looking forward to building cross-disciplinary collaborations, and working with industry partners to promote building data resources and infrastructure to support evidence-based solutions to real-world challenges.

Welcome to PhD Researcher, Eslam Zaher

We’d like to welcome Eslam Zaher to CIRES! Eslam joined the Centre as a PhD Researcher in April 2023 and is based at The University of Queensland. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Information Engineering from the Zewail City of Science and Technology. His research interests are focused on data-centric AI, interpretability, and natural language processing.

Eslam’s PhD project “Interpretable AI – Theory and Practice” is a collaboration with industry partner Max Kelsen, and is supervised by Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani, Dr Quan Nguyen, and Dr Maciej Trzaskowski.

Welcome Eslam!