AI in Education: Call for increased ethics, collaboration & rigour

As the use of AI in education rapidly evolves and generates increasing interest, how can we obtain a comprehensive view of its current state-of-the-art developments in research and practical applications?

CIRES CI, A/Prof Hassan Khosravi’s recent paper “A meta systematic review of artificial intelligence in higher education: a call for increased ethics, collaboration and rigour “ published by the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education investigates this question.

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Enterprise AI

January 2024

Centre Director, Prof Shazia Sadiq was interviewed by ABC National Radio on the AI regulation plans announced by federal government.

The Australian Government has released an interim report on supporting responsible AI. This discussion paper focuses on governance mechanisms to ensure AI is developed and used safely and responsibly in Australia. These mechanisms include regulations, standards, tools, frameworks, principles and business practices. The paper builds on the recent Rapid Research Report on Generative AI delivered by the government’s National Science and Technology Council.

Comparatively, here are links to UK’s Bletchley Declaration and EU’s AI Act.

December 2023

Centre Director, Prof Shazia Sadiq, and CIRES CIs A/Prof Gianluca Demartini and Dr Rocky Chen networked with key leaders in AI at the National AI Leadership Summit in Sydney on 8 December. CEDA and CSIRO’s National Artificial Intelligence Centre presented a flagship Summit, convening leading voices on how AI can be leveraged in a positive and inclusive way to transform industries and advance the Australian economy. The Summit will outline how leaders can position their organisations, and Australia more broadly to enable the take up of responsible AI at scale.