Automated Horizon Scanning for Intellectual Property

About the Project

There is a continuous need to efficiently and accurately identify pre-existing technologies from patent documents and academic research papers, a process that is referred to as ‘horizon scanning’ or ‘technology landscaping’. This project aims to develop new robust information search and retrieval methods for technology landscaping based on large text corpus found in patent databases and research paper repositoriesThe new methods will support the strategic positioning of firms and research groups by enabling insight into the landscape of pre-existing technologies relevant to their proposed innovations, as well as help identify areas where gaps in the current technology landscape may exist. The project is expected to involve the design and development of new methods related to natural language processing, topic modelling and machine learning. 

This project commenced in May 2023 with the recruitment of PhD Researcher Luhan Cheng who is based at Swinburne University of Technology. Luhan is supervised by CIRES Affiliate Investigator Dr Steve Petrie and Chief Investigator Associate Professor Amir Aryani.